My studies in the field of media are broad and continuous. My main direction towards film and television comes from my 6 years’ studies at KINORAMA-E.CHATZIKOU – AKMI Schools. Attending these schools also covered extensively the areas of film direction, photography and cameraman expertise. Furthermore, as I was looking to expand my knowledge through continuous training, I followed 3 certified courses on radio, speech training, journalism and marketing organized by the General Secretariat of Youth.

I have worked at the area of broader media, radio and television since 1990. During this time I have enriched my knowledge and expertise through 3 short films for the Drama Film Festival and I have also completed hundreds of video productions for television productions, documentaries, videoclips, etc.

Since 2003, as a freelancer and through DCV Tv Productions, I have worked with almost all Greek television channels (Star, ANT1, Alpha, NET, Mega. Have a look at our Portfolio for more information). Featuring a complete video, photography and post production equipment, we have worked with many independent companies and provided production services for television programs, TV shows video filming, corporate videos, documentaries, independent productions. DCV Tv Productions is fully equiped with one, two, or three camera sets and has successfully completed several TV shows shootings.

Our studio can cover a wide range of media productions and services. For a detailed presentation of all our equipment, you may visit the Equipment category.

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